Emmanuel Saez

Paul Schüle

ifo Institute

I am a PhD student at the ifo Institute and LMU Munich.

Jacques Silber

Madhabendra Sinha

Visva-Bharati University

Dr Madhabendra Sinha is an Assistant Professor at Department of Economics & Politics, Visva-Bharati (University), Santiniketan, India; and prior to that he served as an Assistant Professor at Department of Business Administration, Raiganj University, India. He has been a Senior Research Fellow and PhD in Economics at National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India. He obtained MSc and MPhil in Economics from the University of Calcutta, India. His ORCID ID:

Baptiste Souillard

Free University of Brussels (ULB)

I am a PhD candidate affiliated to the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and to the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS).

My work lies at the intersection of business, international, and public economics.

More specifically, I study the tax avoidance activities of multinational enterprises and shed light on the magnitude, causes, and consequences of foreign direct investments and profit shifting in tax havens.

Julia Steinberger

Maj-Britt Sterba

University of Konstanz

Maj-Britt is an experimental economist and currently a Postdoc at the Cluster "The Politics of Inequality" at the University of Konstanz. Before moving to Konstanz, she did her PhD at the MPI for Research on Collective Goods and the University of Jena. In her research, she aims at bridging the gap between normative theories of distributive justice and empirical findings about people's fairness judgments.

Morten Stostad

Paris School of Economics

Hello! I am a third-year PhD student at the Paris School of Economics supervised by Stéphane Gauthier. I am currently visiting Emmanuel Saez at UC Berkeley.

My research focuses on the societal effects of inequality, and spans from theory to experimental surveys and machine learning. At the conference I will present the theoretical groundwork of this concept. The short summary; including the societal effects of resource inequality change standard welfarist models in almost fundamental ways.

Shane Su

National Taiwan University

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, National Taiwan University. My research focuses on distributional issues in macroeconomics and inequality.